Exclusive Access Settings

This guide runs you through the Exclusive Access settings within the App Embed menu.

The Exclusive Access settings menu contains advanced controls to change how the Exclusive Access customer gate works to keep non-members away from collected defined within your Exclusive Access benefit.

You must have your Exclusive Access Benefit configured in order for these settings to work. Click here for the Exclusive Access Benefit guide.

Exclusive Access

Enable Exclusive Access

Enable exclusive access automated front end features. Keep this turned on to ensure all gating features work properly.

Exclusive Access Action

Choose what should happen when a non-member customer lands on an exclusive access product or collection. There are two options, a popup or a redirect.

Popup Heading

Heading for the exclusive access popup (if selected).

Popup Body

Body copy for exclusive exclusive popup (if selected).

Popup Button Text

Text displayed in the exclusive access button linking to the membership landing page.

Popup Button Background Color

Background color for exclusive access popup button.

Popup Button Foreground Color

Foreground color for exclusive access popup button.

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