Editing Tiers

You are able to adjust the benefits and price of each tier while they are active, and deactivate tiers while keeping customer memberships active.

From the Membership Program tab, click on the tier you want to edit, and you will see the Tier Overview page. From this page you have the following options:

View In Shopify Admin

This link will open the membership product product for this tier in your Shopify admin. We do no recommend making any changes from the Shopify Admin, any necessary changes to the membership product will be made automatically by Inveterate.

Edit Tier

This link will allow you to edit the public details of your tier that your customers read. On this page you will be able to edit

  • Tier name

  • Tier description (members do not see this description, this is internal only)

  • Tier price

  • Tier billing frequency

Deactivate Tier

This button will deactivate the tier, but keep all of the members active. When you deactivate a tier, it will be removed from your Landing Page and hidden from your shop. Customers will no longer be able to sign up for a deactivated tier, but all existing members will remain active and retain access to their credits and benefits until they cancel their membership.

Editing Benefits

At the top of the Tier Overview page, you will see the link to edit this tier’s benefits. You are able to edit, enable and disable benefits freely while the tier is active.

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