Creating Segments

Use the filtering tool to create member segments.

Creating segments is a great way of organizing your members and making sure you're taking extra special care of your VIPs. You can filter by all of the member data available to you and create custom segments to save within Inveterate, export for reporting or sync with other platforms.

If you're looking for more granular member segments, use the "Filter by" dropdown and select the metric you're looking for. Saving that segment will add a Shopify Customer Tag to those members. You can then use those Shopify Customer Tags across any apps in your tech stack that allow you to leverage Shopify Tags.

Creating a member segment will assign a tag in Shopify to all members who qualify for that segment. That tag will allow for advanced personalization within Shopify, and any apps that use Shopify tags for audience purposes. These tags are dynamic.

To create a member segment:

  1. On your members page, go to the Filter by drop down, and choose the metric category you want to sort your members by, and select the appropriate variables.

  2. If you want to select additional metrics, the Filter by drop down menu will appear to the left. This allows you to stack variables. Your members page will automatically filter out members that do not satisfy the current rules.

  3. Once you've added all of the variables for this member segment, click Save segment and name the segment.

  4. The segment will now appear on your left hand navigation as a sub item under Members.

  5. You can choose this segment in Performance to see segment specific analytics.

  6. You can delete a segment by going to the three dots next to the segment name found next to the Segment name.

Download the PDF below for step-by-step instructions

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