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This is an advanced guide.

This guide requires the Shopify Script Editor app.

By default we utilize discount codes to provide free shipping to

Shopify Plus merchants have access to a Shopify built app called Script Editor. This app allows merchants to build custom discounting functionality that will apply to products in checkout. These scripts are written in Ruby and run on the backend before a customer's cart is displayed to them in checkout. This allows for a lot of extra discounting functionality that would normally not be possible by simply editing the front end code.

Script Types

Creating a Script

In your Shopify Script Editor app click the "Create script" button to open the script modal. Once opened, select the "Line Items", "Shipping rates" or "Payment gateways" tab, select "Blank template" and hit the "Create script" button.

In the "Code" section replace the default code with one of the following scripts.

Shipping Scripts

pageFree Shipping Script

Line Item Scripts

pageMember Only Pricing

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