The content menu allows you to customize your messaging copy and enable the different messages that will be sent to your members.

At this time you can only edit the email subject lines. Our product roadmap includes an update where you can also edit body copy - stay tuned!

The following variables are available for use within your copy

{merchant_name}: This is the brand name that you set within the Inveterate settings menu

{program_name}: This is the name of the Membership Product that you set within the membership product menu in Inveterate

{first_name}: This is the first name of the member which is collected automatically during signup

To set up your program messaging:

  1. Navigate to the Messaging Content tab in your inveterate dashboard.

  2. Select the message that you want to edit/enable.

  3. Edit the subject line if you wish. We have pre-loaded copy that you can use out of the box.

  4. Save changes if you made any.

  5. Send a test email to review in your inbox.

  6. Press "Enable" to turn the message on.

All messages are turned off by default. You must enable each one that you want sent to your members.

Download the PDF below for step-by-step instructions

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