Tier Setup

Inveterate allows you to create multiple tiers for your membership program, giving you the ability to give each tier it’s own individual benefits, as well as it’s own price. We recommend creating 2-3 tiers for a successful program.

We highly recommend that you check out Membership 101 before creating your Membership Product.

About Tier Types

There are various ways you can choose to bill your members for access to your membership program, these types are:

Paid - Recurring: This creates a tier with a recurring billing frequency that your members will need to continue paying in order to stay in the membership program.

Paid - One Time: This creates a tier that only requires a one-time purchase to join. These are considered "Lifetime Memberships". Your customer will only pay the fee once.

Free: This creates a tier that is free for your members to join. They will not be billed to join the program.

Tier Features

Tier features allow you to customize your program past simply setting buy-in prices for memberships.

Spend Based Tiers: Spend based tiers allow you to create spend thresholds where users can earn their way into higher tiers based on how much they purchased from your shop. Learn more here.

Free Trials: Inveterate enables you to create a free trial for any paid tiers. Learn more here.

To create your first tier:

  1. Click on ‘Membership Program’ in the left hand navigation

  2. Edit the details for your membership program

  3. Click on ‘Add Tier’

  4. Enter the tier name, this is what your members will see

  5. Upload a tier image, your members will see this in their cart

  6. Select whether this should be a free tier or a paid tier. If you don’t have the option to create a free tier, reach out to our sales team to have this option enabled for you.

  7. If you select a paid tier, decide whether you want this to be recurring or one time payment.

  8. If you select a paid tier, decide whether you want to add a free trial. Click here for more info about free trials.

  9. Select the price for the tier

  10. Select the billing frequency for the tier, if you chose a recurring payment

  11. Select whether members can earn their way into this tier via Spend Based Tiers. Click here to learn more.

  12. Click ‘Save Changes’

Your first tier is now created. Next we’ll configure the tier’s benefits.

To configure tier benefits:

  1. In the Membership Program menu, click on the tier you want to configure

  2. Click on the “Benefits” button at the top of the menu

  3. Here you will configure the benefits for this specific tier. Click here to view the help doc explaining how each benefit works.

Activate your tiers:

Once you have configured the benefits for all of your tiers, you are ready to activate them and launch your program. To activate your tier, navigate to the Membership Program page and click on the three dots next to the tier name and click ‘Activate’. Your program will not appear on your landing page until it is activated.

Adding more tiers:

To add new tiers to your program, click on the "Add Tier" button at the top of the Membership Program page. All new tiers are inactive once created, you will need to activate them before customers can sign up.

Download the PDF below for step-by-step instructions

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