Recurring Store Credits

Recurring Store Credits is a benefit that gives your members a monetary credit to use in your shop on an automatic timed basis.

For example, you may choose to give your members a $5 credit every month for the duration of their membership. This keeps your customers coming back to make purchases so they don't feel like they're 'leaving money on the table'.

Pro Tip: Give your customers a small, monthly recurring credit as an incentive to get them to browse new products or collections.

Timing of credits is based on "number of days", not by month.

When you set up the Recurring Credits benefit, you will see frequency options such as 30 days, 60 days, etc. This credit timer will not take into account if a month has 31 days.

For example: if you set a 30 day frequency to begin on July 1, your member will receive credits on July 1 and July 31st, since there are 30 days between.

To set up recurring store credits:

  1. Click on the Benefits tab in Inveterate, and then click on Recurring Store Credits.

  2. Enter the name of the benefit - this is what the customer will see.

  3. Enter the description of the benefit. This is where you describe how often they get a credit, and for how much.

  4. Upload the icon that you want to use. See below for a template you can use.

  5. Configure the credit amount - this is the amount your members receive according to your frequency settings.

  6. Adjust the frequency - this is how often your members receive a credit.

  7. Save the benefit settings.

  8. Enable the benefit.

Download the PDF below for step-by-step instructions

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