Combining Discounts

Merchants are able to set custom 'combines with' rules for any benefits that adds discounts to orders, and they are able to define whether credits are able to combine with other discount benefits. These combination rules follow the same rules found within the Shopify discount menu.

Combines With rules will only affect codes created within Inveterate. If you need non-Inveterate codes to also combine, you will need to edit these codes manually within Shopify.

Discount Based Benefits

All discount based benefits have the following menu built into the configuration page. Each discount benefit must have the menu configured independently. If you are using this same benefit across multiple tiers, you will need to ensure the settings are the same cross all tiers.

Credit Based Benefits

'Combines With' rules for credit based benefits are configured within the 'settings' menu of Inveterate. You will find the same menu that you see within the discount based benefits. For credits, you will only need to set this configuration once - unlike discount benefits that need to be configured individually.

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