Spend Based Tiers Setup

Adding Spend Based Rules To A Tier

Spend based rules can easily be added to any existing paid or free tier. In order to add spend based rules:

  1. Navigate to the tier you want and click 'edit tier'.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom on the configuration menu and you'll see a new area called Tier Entry.

  3. Toggle the "Meets Spending Threshold" button and you'll be able to set the dollar amount and frequency required to upgrade.

  4. Click save at the bottom.

This process is the same for both paid and free tiers.

Once you click save, the spend threshold will instantly be applied to the tier, and your landing page will be updated accordingly to display the new spend requirements to your members.

Creating Your Base Tier

The "Base Tier" is the first tier in your program, which is where members will begin to earn their way into higher tiers. The Base Tier is always going to be the first tier in a Spend Based Program.

  • If you have a Spend Based Program built, then you always need to have a Base Tier

  • The Base Tier can be a free tier or a paid tier

  • After you create a Base Tier, you are unable to deactivate it until you have created another Base Tier

    • If for any reason you need to deactivate your current base tier and create another, you will first need to create a new Base Tier - once this is done, you are able to assign it accordinly and deactivate the previous Base Tier.

    • More information about ordering your tiers is available in the About The Landing Page help doc

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