Free Gift At Signup

Free Gift At Sign Up is a benefit that allows you to select one product from your catalog that your members will receive for free when they sign up for your program.

This benefit will automatically add whichever product you choose to the user's cart alongside the membership product, and will make the price of this product $0. If your gift product has variant options, the customer will have a chance to make their selection once the gift has been added to cart.

Free Gift At Sign Up can be set up using either Shopfy Functions or a Shopify Script. We recommend using the Shopify Functions, since Scripts will be deprecated in 2024.

Inveterate does not change the shipping settings in Shopify for this benefit. You will need to review and adjust your shipping settings if you want to charge shipping for the free gift, ship the free gift for free, etc. Your Shopify shipping profile will control this.

To set up Free Gift At Signup:

  1. Click on the Benefits tab in Inveterate, and then click on Free Gift With Signup.

  2. Enter the name of the benefit - this is what the customer will see.

  3. Upload the icon that you want to use. See below for a template you can use.

  4. Enter the description of the benefit. This is where you describe how the Free Gift benefit will work to your members.

  5. Select the product that you will give for free with signup from the menu.

  6. Select whether you want to set up the benefit as a Function or Script. If you select Function, nothing further is required.

  7. If you use a Script, copy the script and paste it as a new script in the Shopify Scripts app. Select "Blank Template" from the script templates option when setting up. Click "Save + Publish" in the Shopify Scripts app.

  8. Copy the script generated by Inveterate.

  9. Navigate to your Shopify store and open the Script Editor app.

  10. Make a line item new script from a blank template.

  11. Paste the Inveterate script, making sure to delete any code that was generated by Shopify when you created the new script.

  12. Save and publish the script in Shopify. The script will not be active until you enable the benefit from Inveterate.

  13. Navigate back to the Free Gift With Signup benefit page in Inveterate.

  14. Select whether you want to allow the Free Gift benefit to combine with other discounts in your shop.

  15. Save the benefit settings.

  16. Enable the benefit.

To test the script in your store

After you have saved and enabled the benefit - navigate to your website's memberhsip page and add the membership to cart. You will see the product also added to cart with the price updated to $0.00.

Gift Products with Variants

Gift products with variants are now fully suppored by Inveterate. When you offer a gift with variant options such as size and color, the member will see a popup when they add the membership product to cart. Within this popup they will be able to select their variant options.

Inveterate supports gifts with up to 2 variants.

Download the PDF below for step-by-step instructions

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