PDP Upsell Widget

Inveterate provides a Shopify Theme section that can be used to merchandise the membership product with an Add to Cart button on your product pages.

Inveterate provides a module in the Shopify theme editor that you can use to merchandise your Membership Product alongside other products on their PDPs.

This upsell widget can be placed anywhere on the PDP that can be edited by the Shopify theme editor. By merchandising your Membership Product alongside top selling products, you can increase visibility on your program and increase your overall number of subscribers.

PDP Widget Example

To set up the PDP Upsell Widget:

  1. Open the theme editor for your current active Shopify theme

  2. Navigate to the PDP where you want to add the upsell widget

  3. Click "Add Block" wherever you want top lace the upsell widget

  4. Select "Membership Upsell" from the Apps section (under Theme Blocks)

  5. From the right hand menu, select the Membership Product from the menu. If you do not select the membership product, the block will not appear on the front end.

Download the PDF below for step-by-step instructions

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