Add Membership Link Snippet to Customer Account Template

You must paste a snippet into your theme code so your members can reach the member portal

If you have upgraded your Shopify store to Extensibility, then you will not be able to follow these instructions since you are unable to edit the checkout code.

In this scenario, you can add a link in your navigation that leads customers to the .com/community/membership page where they can either sign up for your program or log into their existing account

The membership link snippet must be installed so your customers have a way to click to their membership landing page

Add the following snippet to the templates/customers/account.liquid file found in your theme code:

We recommend adding the snippet near the logout link, but it will be different with every theme.

<a class="inveterate-manage-membership" data-inveterate-manage-membership href="/community/membership?customerId={{ }}">
 Manage Membership

Where to Add the Snippet

Select the theme and click Actions -> Edit code to open the Shopify code editor. Find the file templates/customers/account.liquid

  1. Navigate to the Themes menu

  2. Select the theme you want to edit and click Actions -> Edit code to open the Shopify code editor

  3. Find the file templates/customers/account.liquid

  4. Search for account_logout_url and paste the snippet above or below

  5. Click Save

Download the PDF below for step-by-step instructions

How to Add the Snippet When Your Theme is Using JSON Templates

  1. Open the theme code editor

  2. Open the templates/customers/account.json file to find what liquid files are used on the account page

    Take note of the type value for any sections listed here, which is "main-account" in this case. This corresponds to the liquid file or files that make up the customer account page. So, in this case, we are looking for a single liquid file: sections/main-account.liquid

  3. Add the Inveterate snippet to the sections/<your-theme-section-name>.liquid file

    And be sure to click the save button before you exit.

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