About The Landing Page

The Landing Page is composed of 5 different modules. Each of these must be configured before you can publish your landing page.

This section will review the different parts of the landing page. The next section will teach you how to configure each module for your membership program.

  1. The Hero introduces your prospects to your membership

  2. The Testimonial is an area for you to showcase a recent customer review

  3. The Benefits section is where all of the information you have configured for your benefits will be displayed

  4. The CTA section is where your customers will click to sign up for your membership program

  5. The FAQ is where you curate a set of questions and answers about your membership program

Each Landing Page module has two tabs, Content and Design

The content tab controls all of the copy within each module. Make sure to edit this according to your brand and membership program policies.

The design tab controls the color options for each module. Make sure to edit these according to your brand colors.

Pro Tip: The landing page design is dynamic between desktop and mobile devices

You do not have to upload separate content for each display, Inveterate handles this for you in the background. You can click on the display toggle shown below to see both desktop and mobile previews.

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