Our integration with Aftersell allows you to create a post purchase upsell funnel that functions properly with the membership product.

For example, after a member purchases a pair of shoes, you can upsell the membership to them after they check out.

After a customer places an order, they will see this screen after checkout where they can purchase the membership.

After a customer places the order from the membership via upsell, the membership will be added to the original order.

All applicable credits are given to members when they sign up for a membership via post purchase upsell. For example, if you have Credits For Orders and Sign Up Credits enabled, the new member will receive credits for the product they purchased alongside the upsell, as well as the Sign Up Credits.

To set up the Aftersell integration:

  1. Download Aftersell from the Shopify app store

  2. Create a new funnel

  3. Select the targeting rules you want to use for the upsell

  4. Create your upsell offer, selecting your membership product

  5. Save and enable the funnel in Aftersell

Download the PDF below for step-by-step instructions

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