Members Page

On the members page, you'll find a sortable table of members displaying baseline metrics to help you categorize members according to your current goals. From this page you can review member data, find a specific member to edit their profile, or even export member data for reporting.

The Basics:

  • Sort your member data by using the drop down, or by clicking any of the available column headers.

  • Click on a member's name to access their member profile

  • If you're looking for more granular member segments, use the "Filter by" dropdown and select the metric you're looking for. Saving that segment will add a Shopify Customer Tag to those members. You can then use those Shopify Customer Tags across any apps in your tech stack that allow you to leverage Shopify Tags.

  • Export your member data using the "Export" button. The export button will download a .csv of all your members so you can use that data to build different cohorts, or upload that data to other apps.

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