Member Portal

The member portal is where your members see information about their membership, redeem credits, and view available coupon codes.

The out-of-box native membership landing page lives at https://{yourShopifyUrl}/community/benefits. When your member logs in, their customer portal lives at this same URL. If you're using a custom landing page and need to hide this URL from SEO results, you can find instructions on how to do so here.

The member portal is the home base for all members in your program. Any action they need to take relative to their membership is done from this page.

The member portal is broken up into various sections. Each section is dynamically turned on or off, depending on which benefits you have enabled. For example, the Referral Link module will only appear if you have enabled it from the Benefits menu.

Member Portal Section Overview

Tier Upgrage/Downgrade Menu

Your members have the ability to upgrade and downgrade between the different tiers you create for your program. In the member portal, there is a "Change Plan" button that brings them to the Upgrade/Downgrade page.

Billing behavior differs based on whether your members are upgrading/downgrading to paid or free tiers

  • When a member upgrades to a paid tier, the new membership begins immediately

  • When a member downgrades to a paid tier, the new membership begins instantly

  • When a member downgrades to a free tier, the new membership will take place based on the cancellation poilcy you configure within your settings

Credit Redemption Module

The credit redemption module is where members redeem credits to use on orders in your store. When a member redeems credits, the code is automatically generated within the member portal, so your members never have to leave your site while shopping.

If your store is on Shopify Plus, then your members can also redeem credits from within the checkout flow. Click here for more info.

Referral Credits Module

The referral credits module is where members copy their referral link to send to their friends, and also see a record of any completed referrals they may have completed. Members are able to copy the code to send directly via email, SMS, etc., or they can automatically share it with their friends via email and Twitter from the dashboard.

Credit Details Table

The credit details module is where members can view a record of any credit-based transactions that have occurred throughout the life of their membership. In this section, members can see details about credits they have earned, redeemed, and credits that have expired.

Membership Discounts Table

The membership discount table is where members are able to see the details of every discount that is available to them. From this table they are able to see the code, a description of the code's value/applicable uses, the expiration date, and then a link to automatically apply the discount to their order. When a user clicks on the "Apply to order" link, the code will automatically be applied to their order when they enter the checkout flow.

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