Free Trials For Paid Tiers

Inveterate gives you the option to configure a free trial for any paid tiers you create.

A free trial is a great way to let your customers experience a membership without needing to pay for it. When setting up a paid tier, you can choose how long the free trial will last for.

About the customer experience

  • If a free trial is enabled for any given tier, customers will be able to see the length of the trial from the membership landing page

  • When a customer clicks 'start your trial', Inveterate will add the membership product to their cart, and the member will still need to proceed through checkout

  • At the time of signing up for a free trial, the customer will need to enter their credit card information so that Inveterate can assign a selling plan to the customer, and so that they can be billed seamlessly once the trial ends. The customer will be billed $0.00

  • When a customer signs up for a free trial, they will receive an email explaining the details of the free trial

  • The customer will receive another email once the free trial ends and their credit card is billed

Free Trials and Sign Up Benefits

Sign Up Benefits that are enabled for a tier with a free trial will not be delivered to the member until the trial has expired and they have been billed.

Sign Up Credits

  • Credits are to be deposited after the first membership payment

Referral Credits

  • Referral credits earned during the free trial will not be deposited into the member account until after the first membership payment

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