Member Only Discounts

Member Only Discounts are configured through the Inveterate dashboard and are only available to be used by your members.

Pro Tip: Coupons can be set as evergreen, one-time use, or with an expiration date.

Pro Tip: You can have multiple discounts running at the same time - you leverage this feature to run various member-only promotions in your email marketing or SMS platform.

To set up member only discounts:

  1. Click on the Benefits tab in Inveterate, and then click on Member Only Discounts.

  2. Enter the name of the benefit - this is what the customer will see.

  3. Enter the description of the benefit. This is where you describe the members only discount to your customers.

  4. Upload the icon that you want to use. See below for a template you can use.

  5. Save the benefit settings before you move onto configuring coupon codes

  6. Configure the coupon code - this will be the code that members enter in checkout for a discount.

  7. Configure the discount type - this can be a percentage, fixed amount or free shipping.

  8. Configure which products or collections this coupon code will apply to, or if it will apply site-wide. Be sure to convey any coupon restrictions to your members.

  9. Set any minimum requirements for using the coupon code - minimum monetary amount or minimum quantity of products.

  10. Select whether this coupon code will be one-time use per member, or evergreen for the length of their membership.

  11. Configure any promotional dates if needed.

  12. Save the benefit settings.

  13. Enable the benefit.

Discount codes should be edited directly within the Inveterate dashboard. Click here for the help doc.

Download the PDF below for step-by-step instructions

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