Inveterate's Gorgias integration can be used to add Inveterate data about each of your members into their customer profile in Gorgias.

This integration will sync all data available within Inveterate to the appropriate user profile within Gorgias.

You should ensure that your Gorgias account is fully set up before connecting the Inveterate integration

Gorgias Properties

Inveterate: Subscription Status defines whether the member is active or cancelled

Inveterate: Store Credits is the total number of credits that the member has available to redeem

Inveterate: Referrals is the number of successful purchase referrals generated by the member

Inveterate: Date Joined is the date that the member joined the membership program

Inveterate: Tier Name is the name of the tier that the member is currently enrolled into

To set up the Gorgias integration:

  1. Click on Integrations in the Inveterate side nav

  2. Click "Connect" next to Gorgias

  3. Click the toggle for "Add Inveterate data to Gorgias profile when user signs up"

  4. Enter your Gorgias subdomain and click "connect"

  5. Continue through the rest of the authorization steps within the setup screens

  6. Once complete, the integration has been set up succesfully

Download the PDF below for step-by-step instructions

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