Codes For Free Memberships

How to use coupon codes to give free memberships

There will be situations where you will need to give a free membership to someone - influencers, affiliates, for testing, etc.

Free Membership Accounts can be created by using Shopify discount codes, configured for subscription products.

With a correctly configured code, someone can create a membership but never have their credit card billed.

To create a code for free memberships:

  1. Create a new Product Discount in Shopify

  2. Under "Purchase Type" select "Subscription"

  3. Under "Applies To" select your Inveterate membership product

  4. Under "Recurring Payments For Subscriptions" select "Discount applies to all recurring payments".

  5. Click "Save"

Any time someone uses this code to purchase your membership, the price will be $0.00.

Whoever uses this code will still need to enter a credit card in the Shopify checkout, this is due to limitations with the Shopify subscription product used by Inveterate. Anyone who uses this code will not be charged.

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