Store Credits For Purchase Referral

Store Credits For Purchase Referral is a benefit that gives your members a credit every time they refer a new customer to your store. Referred members receive a discount on their first order.

Members can only receive credits one time for each new customer they refer to your store. They will not receive credits if they send the link to an existing customer.

Referred customers will have their discounts applied to cart automatically after clicking the member's referral link, they will not have to take any additional action.

Currently this benefit does not work if a customer uses an Express Checkout (Buy Now) button and skips through the cart directly to checkout page. Our team is working on a patch to resolve this.

To set up store credits for purchase referral:

  1. Navigate to the tier you want to activate this benefit on.

  2. Select the "Store Credits For Purchase Referral" benefit.

  3. Enter the name of the benefit - this is what the customer will see.

  4. Enter the description of the benefit. This is where you describe the referral program to your members.

  5. Upload the icon that you want to use. See below for a template you can use.

  6. Configure the referred customer discount settings - this is the discount that the referred customer will receive on their first order.

  7. Configure the credit amount - this is the amount your members receive each time they refer a new customer to your store.

  8. Save the benefit settings.

  9. Enable the benefit.

Download the PDF below for step-by-step instructions

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