Sign Up Discounts

Sign up discounts can be used to give your members a larger, one-time discount as a way to welcome them to your program.

Pro Tip: Welcome Discounts can be configured as "one time" or evergreen discounts depending on your membership strategy.

Pro Tip: Sign Up Discounts should be used alongside Member Only Discounts to provide additional value to your members.

To set up Sign Up Discounts:

  1. Click on the Benefits tab in Inveterate, and then click on Sign Up Discounts.

  2. Enter the name of the benefit - this is what the customer will see.

  3. Enter the description of the benefit. This is where you describe the members only discount to your customers.

  4. Upload the icon that you want to use, or use the one we provide.

  5. Set the discount type for your Sign Up Discounts. This can be set as a percentage off, or a fixed dollar amount.

  6. Select which products this discount will apply to. You can select between all products, a specific collection, or manually select individual products.

  7. Select the minimum requirements to use this discount. You have the option to use no requirements, a minimum dollar amount, or a minimum quantity of products.

  8. Set the usage limits. This is where you decide if members can use this code one time or multiple times.

  9. Set the expiration for the discount. You can leave this box unchecked so the code does not expire, or you can set it to expire after a set number of days.

  10. Click "Save Changes" to save your configuration.

  11. Click "Enable" to turn the benefit on.

Download the PDF below for step-by-step instructions:

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