How to Send Member Notification Emails with Klaviyo

1. Enable the Klaviyo integration In your Inveterate dashboard

On the integrations page, enable the Klaviyo workflow "Send inveterate emails to customers through Klaviyo."

If this workflow is enabled, whenever a member email would be triggered, a matching event Metric is sent to your Klaviyo account.

Additionally, you should enable the "Automatically update Klaviyo profiles with member data changes" workflow - it will insure that the members' Klaviyo profile custom properties added by the notification events stay up to date.

2. Trigger a Customer Email so that a Metric shows up in your Klaviyo account

There are two ways to trigger a customer notification:

  1. Natural trigger - Perform the customer actions which would naturally trigger the email.

  2. Test email - Use the "send a test email" functionality on the Messaging page in your Inveterate dashboard.

Let's use the "Welcome" email as an example, since most stores will want a welcome message, regardless of what benefits are offered to their members.

For method 1, the "Natural trigger", you would create a new member by purchasing a membership product in your own store.

For method 2, the "Test email", you would click the button circled below:

Please keep in mind that a "natural trigger" will provide better data to use in your Klaviyo email templates, but "test email" triggers are left in for convenience. Also, it will send an email from Inveterate's default email system, so if you also have a Klaviyo flow enabled for that notification, 2 test emails will be sent.

If everything is set up correctly, an "Inveterate: Welcome" metric should now show up in your Klaviyo account.

To confirm, go to the Metrics page, search for "Inveterate", and you'll see it in the results, as shown below:

3. Create an email flow and set the Metric as the trigger

Now that we're receiving event Metrics in Klaviyo whenever a customer joins your membership program, we want to use that to trigger an email flow welcoming them to the program.

In Klaviyo, go the Create Flow page, and choose the "Create From Scratch" option. You can set the name to whatever you want, and leave the "tags" field empty.

Choose "Metric" as the trigger, and search for and select "Inveterate: Welcome" as the metric, and click "Done" to finalize the trigger settings.

Drag the "Email" action as the next step below the trigger in the flow diagram, and click the "Edit" or "Configure Content" buttons to proceed:

4. Set email content and access Inveterate data with template variables

To keep things simple, choose Plain Text for the content format and set the content to the following:

Welcome {{ first_name }} {{ person|lookup:'last_name'|default:'' }}

Your Acme Premier membership is now {{ person|lookup:'Inveterate: Subscription Status'|default:'' }}, as of {{ event.joinedDate|default:'' }}.

The content above is not intended to serve as an actual email you would send your customers, but to demonstrate how to use different variables in your email templates.

{{ first_name }} is an example of the shorthand template variables Klaviyo makes available by default across all customer profiles, regardless of whether they are an Inveterate subscriber.

{{ person|lookup:'last_name'|default:'' }} uses long form syntax to access another built in Klaviyo variable.

{{ person|lookup:'Inveterate: Subscription Status'|default:'' }} uses the same long syntax to access Inveterate custom properties attached to that Klaviyo profile.

{{ event.joinedDate|default:'' }} is an example of accessing a variable attached to the notification metric event used to trigger this email.

Previewing template with previous metric events

If you're in the content editor page, you can test the template out against previously received "Inveterate: Welcome" metrics. Keep in mind, if the metric was created by a "test email" from Inveterate's Messaging page, the data will probably not match up to an actual customer profile in your Klaviyo account, and some variables may be empty or mismatched.

Template variable resources

5. Turn on flow and confirm Klaviyo sends Member Notification Email

You should be all set up now. Just turn on the flow, and run one more test to confirm Inveterate is sending a member notification trigger to Klaviyo, and that Klaviyo in turn is sending an email to that customer.

For the final test, you'll definitely want to manually trigger the notification by purchasing an Inveterate subscription product with a test customer, otherwise some of the template variables may be missing or mismatched since they won't map to an actual record in your store.

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