Migrating To Tiers

If your store has has been using our single-tier version, there are a few steps that need to be taken in order to upgrade to our tiered experience

Migration Overview

When your account is first upgraded to Tiers, your existing program will continue to run as it has been. No changes will be available to your customers until you publish the new landing page live.

Tier Setup

The first step will be to create the new tiers for your program. You are able to create your tiers in the background as they will not be visible to customers right away. Follow these instructions to add your new tiers.

After you are done with your new tiers, turn them to Active. This will cause them to appear visible on the Landing Page builder, but not the live landing page.

Landing Page Setup

After your tiers are created, the next step will be to set up your landing page. These steps will differ depending on whether you are using our native Landing Page builder, or if you have created a custom landing page.

Landing Page Builder Instructions

When you first migrate to Tiers, your existing landing page will stay live until you publish the Tiers version. After you have finished setting up and activated your new tiers, follow these instructions to edit the new CTA section of the landing page. You will need to enter body copy into all new tier CTA cards.

Once you are done editing your new landing page, you can click 'Preview' at the top right to see what it will look like in your shop. Your existing landing page will remain intact at this time. If you are happy with you new page you can click 'Publish' to set it live. Otherwise, you can click 'save as draft' to save your changes, but keep your existing single-tier page live. Your new tiers will not be visible to your customers until you publish the new landing page.

Custom Landing Page Instructions

If you have built a custom landing page, you will need to add new CTA buttons for each of your new tiers. Your existing CTA button will remain functional.

For each new paid tier CTA, you will need to follow these instructions to ensure that you are adding the correct membership product and selling plan ID respective to each tier.

If you are adding a free tier to a custom landing page, you will still need to add a CTA to your page but the instructions are different. Since our free tiers do not leverage the Shopify Subscription Product, you will need to use our API to trigger the sign up pop-up in lieu of assigning the product and selling plan ID like you do with paid tiers. API docs are available here.

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