The Member Profile page is organized into various sections, each of which controls a separate aspect of their membership.

Member Overview

The Member Overview section gives you a high level view of each member's data history.

  • Average order value (AOV) tracks the average dollar amount spent each time this member places an order.

  • Revenue is the total amount spent by a member since they joined the program.

  • Membership Length is calculated by counting the number of days since a member joined the program.

  • Total Credits Earned shows how many credits a member has earned since becoming a member of the program

  • Last Purchase Date show the last time that a member purchased a product from your store.

  • Subscription Renewal displays the next time the membership product will charge a member for being part of the program.


The Activity section takes the data from the Member Overview section and breaks it down into individual transactions for you to review.

  • Credits Earned shows every time the member has earned credits, and which action they took to earn them.

  • Credits Redeemed shows every time the member has spent their credits on your shop.

  • Purchase History shows all of the orders the customer has made in your shop, whether they used credits or not. You can click the Order ID to view the order in Shopify.

  • Referrals shows how many other members have been referred to your program by this member.


The Credits section allows you adjust the number of credits available to the member


The Profile section allows you to view and edit the member's personal information

Referral Information

The Referral Information section shows an overview of the member's referral history

  • Confirmed Referrals is the number of referred members this person has brought to your program.

  • Referral Credits is the total number of referral credits this member has earned.

  • Referred By will show the name of the other member (if any) who originally referred this member to your program.


The notes section allows you add a text note to the member's profile.

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