Benefits in Inveterate are the different incentives that you can provide to customers who sign up for your membership program.

These benefits include everything for store credits, special savings and exclusive access to products. If you are creating multiple tiers for your membership program you are able to create a different set of benefits for each tier.

Benefits are organized into four categories:

  • Credit Based Benefits give members points/credits for actions such as signing up for the membership program

  • Savings Based Benefits give members special discounts or free shipping automatically at checkout

  • Access Based Benefits give members exclusive or early access to products and collections

  • Gift Based Benefits give new members a free gift when they sign up for your program

Marketing Tip: We recommend turning on as many benefits that make sense for your brand as possible. This gives your membership program a larger perceived value, which can help boost your conversion rate and lower churn.

The Member Only Pricing benefit can only be used by Shopify Plus merchants. Be sure to check your Shopify account status before configuring.

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