Enable The Inveterate Smart Cart App In Rebuy

Inveterate's Smart Cart App in Rebuy is an easy way to upsell your program in-cart without any additional code or configuration steps.

Enable The Smart Cart App

  1. Open the "Rebuy Personalization Engine" app in your Shopify store

  2. Open the Smart Cart menu

  3. Open the Smart Cart where you want to enable Inveterate, or create a new one

  4. Find the Inveterate app and click the toggle to enable it

  5. Use the dropdown to select the in-cart position of the upsell module

  6. Click "Save"

The Inveterate Smart Cart app is now enabled. Next we'll preview it in our store.

Preview The Smart Cart App

  1. Navigate to the Smart Card you just edited, and click "Preview"

  2. Open the cart

  3. You will now see the Inveterate upsell in the location you configured

You can place the widget in 3 areas within the cart.

  • Above Subtotal will place it above the cart subtotal

  • Below Subtotal will place it under the subtotal, but above the Checkout button

  • Below Checkout will place it below the Checkout button

Above Subtotal

Below Subtotal

Below Checkout

Download the PDF below for step-by-step instructions

Watch a step-by-step video

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