Performance Metrics Overview

The Performance tab provides you with a high level view of main KPIs related to your membership program.

Performance Metrics are organized into two sections, Memberships and Other.

Use the guide below to get a firm understanding of all the metrics available to you within the Inveterate Performance dashboard.



Sign Ups

The total number of customers that ever signed up for membership, including those who have cancelled.

Active Members

The total number of customers with an active membership.

Cancelled Members

The total number of memberships that have been cancelled.

Pending Cancellation

The total number of members whose status is "pending cancellation."

Average Membership Length

The average length of time that members have been active.

Primary Cancellation Source

Were most of the cancellations initiated by the customer or by an admin of your store?

Primary Cancellation Source %

The percentage of cancellations initiated by the most frequent source.



Total Credits Earned

The total amount of credits ever earned by all members, including credits that have already been spent.

Outstanding Credits

The total amount of unspent credits amongst all members.

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